Bite with Belkys Online Extra/Tip for Great Sauce

(WSVN) - Chef Scott Lindquist of Ocio Italian Restaurant in Doral has an easy tip for making a great pasta sauce.

Chef Scott Lindquist: “Whatever type of sauce you’re using, oftentimes it’s too thick, or you cook it down too much.”

When that happens, all you have to do is add what’s already on the stove … your salted pasta water.

Chef Scott Lindquist: “Any water from the pasta cooking that you add is going to have salt, and it’s going to have the starch from the pasta.”

Chef Scott Lindquist: “All you do … you have your pasta water boiling, you toss your pasta into your sauce, you can adjust it, thin it out a little with the pasta water.”

Chef Scott Lindquist: “It’s always a good tool to have, and it’s right there in front of you!”

How easy is that?

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