Big Cypress Distillery brings gin drinks to the 305

Miami has become a mecca for food and drink connoisseurs. Chefs and craft drink makers are popping up and creating some of the most unique and tastiest treats. And thanks to a new distillery, we can add Miami’s own gin to the list of delicious and flavorful drinks that are straight from the 305.

South Florida — let’s raise a glass to the new gin in town.

Mark Graham: “Big Cypress Distillery is a new distillery in Southwest Miami that specializes in manufacturing gin.”

There are magical things happening here.

Mark Graham: “We are making Magic City gin here. It’s our trade mark gin.”

Drinking 101 — gin is a clear alcoholic spirit that is created when a grain based mixture is distilled.

Mark Graham: “The first step in distilling is to take sugar in our case, mix it with water, and add yeast so you have fermented liquid.”

The concoction goes into a machine called a still, heated, and the vapors from the heated liquid are captured, cooled, and out comes gin.

Think back to your high school chemistry class…

Mark Graham: “You have a liquid, that is turned into a gas, and that is turned into a liquid.”

For flavor — gin gets infused with coriander and juniper, but Big Cypress is mixing things up.

Mark Graham: “We infuse our gin with about 11 botanicals. Some of the things we are putting into our gin that is different than other gins is rose hips, vanilla, almonds.”

And, you can taste the difference.

Mark Graham: “Its got a vanilla taste to it. It also has a mild citrus taste ot it. On top of other botanicals, we mix in to give it a complex flavor.”

Jonathan Cruz: “It’s got well balanced flavors. You can feel the juniper; it’s amazing. Everything they do is picked by them so I think that goes in hand with al of the flavors.”

Once it’s done, the gin is bottled, labeled, and the batches are numbered.

Mark Graham: “Our gin is 90 proof, which is 45 percent alcohol by volume.”

If you want a taste — head to the distillery. They’re hosting gin tastings and selling bottles.

Mark Graham: “When folks come for a tasting, it’s a very informal process.”

Big Cyprus is always cooking up ideas. They’re creating rum and experimenting with new gin recipes too.

Mark Graham: “I think we are different from other distilleries because we are more experimental. We like to listen to our customers and give folks what they want.”

Gin tastings are free — you just have to be 21 or older.

Big Cypress Distillery
13995 S.W. 144th Ave. #207
Miami, FL 33186
(786) 228-9740

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