The big hair. The mom jeans. The catty drama. That was “Beverly Hills, 90210” way back in the day. These days they’re grown up, but hopefully they won’t act like it in the BH reboot. Here’s a look before Wednesday’s big premiere.

“BH90210” is finally here, almost 30 years after its original premiere.

Even the gang’s old hangout, the Peach Pit, did a pop-up in Los Angeles. Nothing like burgers and fries to honor the comeback of the show.

Spokesperson: “Dining here is reservation only, but we’re encouraging fans to come, check out the line. There’s a wait list, we go have a stand-by line and all the Instagrammable moments. This is an Instagrammable pop-up.”

While the reboot features the original cast, the actors aren’t playing their original characters. They play themselves.

The show is about the friends reuniting and reminiscing.

Brian Austin Green: “Just being light about who you are and sort of, you know, self-denigrating and having fun with it.”

What’s the difference between their on and off-screen selves?

Ian Ziering: “Jason’s taller.” (laughs)

Brian Austin Green: “That’s it, yeah. Everything else is exactly the same.”

Jason Priestley: “Everything else is right on point.”

The original series ran from 1990 to 2000. Its place in pop culture hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Jason Priestley: “Those universal experiences cross generations, and despite the fact that we are all talking on flip phones and are wearing mom jeans, I think the younger generation still…”

Brian Austin Green: “Wait, I liked my mom jeans.”

Fans can’t wait for the reboot, and the guys have heard about it first hand.

Ian Ziering: “Through all the different social media platforms, through all the different fan clubs, not just here in the United States but across the world.”

It’s been an emotional journey with Luke Perry dying in March after a stroke. The cast is still figuring out the right way to honor him.

Brian Austin Green: “It’s a hard situation. I mean, we constantly talk about how we’re going to approach every aspect of it, and it changes daily, so as of right now, the easiest thing is to just to sort of skirt around it and say ‘no comment’ because it’s affected everyone in so many different ways.”

“BH90210” premiered Wednesday at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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