Beyoncé’s Formation Tour Costumes

Ever wonder how artists come up with their stage outfits? Well, now we have a peek at how Beyoncés Formation Tour costumes came about, and it’s pretty incredible.

A behind-the-scenes look of all the work that went into Beyoncé’s and her dancers’ looks was posted on the singer’s Facebook page.

Some outfits came from designers like Balmain and Gucci, while some were made especially for the Formation Tour.

Beyoncés costume designer says some people even had to travel to get the job done.

Costume designer: “Nowhere in the world do they make these hats. This hat maker literally had to drive to Mexico to buy sombreros.”

Beyoncés Formation Tour started in April, and it’s on the road until October. I need my own world tour, Guccis and fancy sombreros included.

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