Better knees without surgery

(WSVN) - For years, Shireen’s been telling Lynn that she hates her knees. But Shireen is perfect, so she doesn’t really count. Ladies — this knee hatred is quite common …even in Hollywood. Tonight, the latest celebrity beauty trend: Better knees without surgery.

Celebs like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore: super fit, yet victims the saggy knee.

Lisbeth Roy: “The procedure is for those types of patients.”

Dr. Lisbeth Roy of Doctor’s Studio in Boca Raton is on the cutting edge of the knee lift —

Lisbeth Roy: “Everyone’s been happy.”

Without the cutting.

Lynn Martinez: “But why do my knees have to sag?”

Just ’cause.

Lisbeth Roy: “Well, we call it the Studio Lift because we can pretty much lift anything.”

Dr. Roy says celebs and regular women hate their knees.

Lisbeth Roy: “Most women do hate their knees…”

Lynn Martinez: “That’s why I’m wearing tights.”

The procedure is pretty simple.

Lisbeth Roy: “I use a product called PDO Threading.”

A super thin thread.

Lisbeth Roy: “I use it like a scaffolding.”

And a shot of plasma from the person’s blood.

Lynn Martinez: “Fertilizer to make the skin plump up.”

Lynn Martinez: “You’re working out, you’re doing squats, you’re exercising and you feel like you still have these skin issues.”

Heidi wants to try it out.

Heidi: “The skin is starting to sag a little bit around my knees.”

Dr. Roy begins with the plasma — the yellow stuff to help collagen grow– Heidi says it doesn’t hurt.

Heidi: “I’m pretty numb.”

Then she uses this super thin thread and goes under the top layer of skin — in less than an hour, you’re done.

Heidi: “The results have been excellent.”

See for yourself in these before and after pictures.

For $1,500, doc says it can last for a few years.

Giving you the bees knees… All thanks to a needle and thread.


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