Power to the people. That’s the story of “The Current War” opening this weekend. The movie shines a light on the rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse. Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon star as the two men fighting to bring electricity to the United States.

Benedict Cumberbatch (as Thomas Edison): “Today the impossible becomes possible. The man that controls that current controls the future.”

Benedict Cumberbatch plays inventor Thomas Edison in “The Current War.”

He told Deco, in the battle to turn America on to electricity, Edison didn’t play fair.

Benedict Cumberbatch (as Thomas Edison): “This is a battle of the brightest minds in America.”

Thomas was determined to keep his famous name in lights.

Benedict Cumberbatch: “How fiercely he wanted to protect this moment that he thought was his — I was shocked by that. No pun intended.”

Benedict Cumberbatch (as Thomas Edison): “Did I mention his system’s lethal? His current kills people.”

Michael Shannon is businessman George Westinghouse, Edison’s chief competitor.

Michael Shannon (as George Westinghouse): “But if you prefer to have what I call a legacy, you leave the world a better place than you found it.”

George is definitely in it to win it, but he plays by the rules.

Michael Shannon: “It’s nice to see a very powerful, wealthy industrialist who actually has some consideration for his workers and for the impact of what he is creating is going to have on society.”

Even nice guys fight back when they’re being dissed.

Michael Shannon (as George Westinghouse): “Mr. Edison, if you say something about me or my company again, I would ask that you tell the truth.”

Despite all the bad vibes, Westinghouse is one of Edison’s biggest fans.

Michael Shannon: “Well, Westinghouse has a huge crush on Edison. He’s fascinated by his mind.”

Rounding out the cast, Tom Holland is Samuel Insull, Edison’s personal secretary.

Tom Holland (as Samuel Insull): “Take a trip to Barrington and see for yourself.”

And Nicholas Hoult, who plays inventor Nikola Tesla, an adviser to Westinghouse.

Nicholas Hoult (as Nikola Tesla): “If Mr. Edison succeeds, he will set us back so far we may never recover.”

America was the big winner of “The Current War.”

The film takes you back to a time when that victory meant everything.

Michael Shannon: “There was a certain point in time where it was an absolutely incredible thing to sit and stare at a light bulb — that it literally felt like magic.”

“The Current War” sparks its way into theaters Friday.

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