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It’s Mexican but not that kind of Mexican. OLLA is the real deal when it comes to South of the Border dining. No tacos andRead More

My 2016 Faves

Another year, another plate of food. And another… And another… And another… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love doing the blog soRead More

Bazaar Mar by Jose Andres

Happy Holidays!!! There’s a gift waiting for you at the new SLS Hotel in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. Super Chef Jose Andres built it just forRead More


I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a fan of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. Not because there aren’t lots of great places to eat, drink and beRead More

La Moderna

Well, well, well … It seems the hits keep on coming in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood. The Italian gem La Moderna gave their menuRead More

New Orleans 

You guys know I like to travel and by now you’ve probably seen on my social media my boyfriend and I spent some time inRead More

Phuc Yea

It started as pop-up in a hallway at an office building in downtown Miami a few years ago and boy did Phuc Yea make an impression.Read More


Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a bird.  It’s a plane. It’s NOT Superman.  It’s a Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog, and it’s not upRead More

Halves and Wholes

A half or a whole sandwich? If that’s the decision you’re up against ohhhhhh, how I envy you! That can only mean you’re at HalvesRead More