La Moderna

Well, well, well … It seems the hits keep on coming in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood. The Italian gem La Moderna gave their menu a little face lift and they’re back better than ever.


Some of the new menu items include:
Crudo Grand platter ($24) 3 different tartares served with crusty bread Turbot in Crosta ($32) almond and lime crusted turbot (European flatfish) with mozzarella and roasted mushrooms La Fiorentina ($48) a 19 ounce, 28 day dried t-bone steak definetly meant to be shared Risotto ($24) with sauteed shrimp, burrata and arugula pesto sauce.


So go ahead, have your carbs and eat them too. I did 🙂

Belkys Best Bite: Turbot in Crosta

La Moderna
1874 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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