Behind the scenes of Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’

Gordon Ramsay sure knows a thing or two about heating things up in the kitchen. As the host of FOX’s “The F Word,” he puts the average person’s culinary skills to the test. And now, he’s giving us a look at all the ingredients that make this recipe a success.

Gordon Ramsay has been spicing things up with his live competition show “The F Word.”

Gordon Ramsay: “This is the real F word: fun, food and family.”

Now, the colorful host is giving us a look behind the scenes. And, surprise … the show doesn’t just pose a challenge to the chefs.

The crew has to turn a studio soundstage into a restaurant where more than 100 guests can be seated and served.

Gordon Ramsay: “The atmosphere in this restaurant — trust me, alf the people in this country would pay millions of dollars for this atmosphere tonight, and they bought it, and more importantly, the atmosphere rose ’cause the food was bloody good.”

Each week, two teams of amateur cooks have to prepare an entire meal for the restaurant patrons with the help of a souse chef. And there isn’t much time to learn how the pros do it.

Benjamin Kronick: “The idea is to get them in the environment, hectic. We’re live, Gordon is there, they have no chance to practice or anything.”

Whitney Webster: “We don’t get them for that long. We teach them once and show them the elements, and then they are live. They are on.”

The winning teams then vie for the big prize in the season finale.

Gordon Ramsay: “One family is going to end up on that winner’s wall.”

But it doesn’t end there. Gordon also challenges the teams to put their own spin on each of his dishes.

Gordon Ramsay: “Handing these individual twists to these teams is big for me because it gives them a chance to come out of the comfort zone.”

He seems to enjoy this.

Gordon Ramsay: “If someone’s going to elevate my food, you’ve got me. I’m going to referee it, but you got me. I love that level of inspiration.”

Sounds like one of those twists may have taken a scaly turn. The South Florida Water Management District snapped this pic with the celebrity chef and his son, right after they battled three invasive pythons.

We hear they’ll be used to make quite the dish.

Gordon Ramsay: “The kitchen is closed, well done.”

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