Beauty at the Beach

Glamming it up on South Beach wearing Lexi Jewelry; a line inspired by nature, femininity and fashion.

I have a special place in my heart for Lexi Segre. Not only is she one of the first jewelry designers I featured on ‘Favorite Things’ when I first started the blog, but she also happens to be an incredibly talented artist who effortlessly captures the essence of ‘life on the beach’ with her beautiful baubles.

It’s not all hippy dippy, surfer girl either. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gypsy vibe, but I also need structure for my day job, which is TV Chic and sophistication for the city side of my personality. Lexi not only delivers that delicate diversity, she also inspires fashionistas to reach beyond seasonal trends and wear pieces that truly speak to them, hence the title of the blog: “Beauty at the Beach.” Meaning…

I’m not the kind of girl you’ll necessarily find frolicking in the ocean — because working and living in Miami is an entirely different beast than vacationing here — but how I dress and the jewelry I wear IS a direct reflection of my surroundings: surf, sand, art deco buildings, a sparkling skyline and sexy people.

Using stones, shells, horns and bone, Lexi captures all of it with her one-of-a-kind pieces. While nature shapes and molds her creativity, the timeless elegance of the ancient Greeks and Romans — think Aphrodite mixed with Helen of Troy — gives her her true inspiration. What kind of fashionista doesn’t want to serve up a little bit of earthy Greek goddess or some “Beauty at the Beach” goodness? I know I do!

This year, as I’ve dedicated my blog to ALL things that truly make me happy, revisiting Lexi and her gorgeous line is something that feels like home. Maybe it’s because the designer, who’s based in Miami, seamlessly blends everything that truly “speaks to me” and if that doesn’t make you sparkle, I don’t know what will and that’s why “Beauty and the Beach” is one of my Favorite Things.

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“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

James Woodley Photography
All jewelry designed by Lexi Segre of Lexi Jewelry
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Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
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