‘Beauty and the Beast’ stars meet their mini-me’s

(WSVN) - Sometimes, doing hours and hours of interviews and promoting a movie can be a beastly chore. But Emma Watson got to share a beautiful moment with some young fans.

Dan Stevens: “Oh my goodness, look at this!

Emma Watson: “Oh my goodness, you look amazing!”

“Beauty and the Beast” stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens got to meet their mini-me’s.

A pair of kids dressed up like Belle and the Beast, but they weren’t there just as fans.

They got down to business and did some real entertainment journalism!

Olivia: “What were you more nervous about, singing or acting?”

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens: “Singing.”

Emma Watson: “It was the first time Dan and I had ever done that in a film before.”

Ted: “If you were any other character in the movie, who would you be?”

Dan Stevens: “Belle.”

Emma Watson: “Beast.”

Dan Stevens: “Ay, look at that!”

Emma Watson: “Whoaaa!”

After the interview, the kids hopped on Dan and Emma’s laps and took a few photos.

Now, how cute is that?

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