Working out can be hard, and sometimes it’s so boring, but one fitness guru in Miami says it can be loads of fun, and he wants us to get wet while we’re doing it — like, really wet, and we’re not just talking about sweat.

Wanna get back on your fitness grind? Trainer Tony Thomas of fitness app Beat the Gym says, take it outside.

Tony Thomas, fitness trainer, Beat the Gym: “It’s definitely a mood enhancer — just being out, oxygen and fresh air.”

With a fun paddleboard alternative to your typical workout routine.

Tony Thomas: “It is called ‘Let’s Paddle’ for a reason. Just getting out there, working the arms is enough.”

If you havent paddleboarded in a while, or even ever, Tony’s got some great advice.

Tony Thomas: “You ever hear Bruce Lee?”

Bruce Lee: “Be formless, shapeless, like water.”

Tony Thomas: “For beginners, the first thing is go with the flow. Don’t force it.”

Which should be easy enough, right?

Alex Miranda: “All right, it’s actually not as hard as it loo– ah! (falls into the water)

I think I took that quote a little too literally.

Tony Thomas: “But once you get comfortable, that’s when you could have some real fun, all right? There’s tons of different things that you can play with while on that board that are going to give you a great workout.”

Like leg raises, yoga … whatever this is.

And planks.

Alex Miranda: “How long do I have to do this?”

Tony Thomas: “Now just hold it. Work those glutes! And 3, and 2, and 1! Nice. Woo! Now doesn’t that feel so good?”

Alex Miranda: “I don’t know if I would say that.”

Even though it is beautiful outside, don’t get too comfortable.

Tony Thomas: “Hey, Alex! What are you doing, man? Let’s go. Come on! Let’s go.”

(Alex starts doing pushups on his board.)

Tony Thomas: “There we go! Come on, give me 10 more.”

Beginners are welcome, but everybody should expect to get wet.”

Tony Thomas: “Everybody takes a little spill, especially if you want to get better. You have to fail a little bit so that you can get really good on it.”

Classes are $30, and you might even be surprised by all the progress you make in just one.

(Alex attempts to stand on his head on top of the board.)

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God!”

(Alex pulls it off.)

Tony Thomas: “He got it!”

(Alex takes a tumble, then makes a big splash.)

The next “Let’s Paddle” class is on Dec. 5.

Let’s Paddle at Beat the Gym
Boot Camp with Tony Thomas

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