Beat Culture Brewery creates brews to their own ‘beat’

There are plenty of craft beer bars in SoFlo. Now, there’s a new place to sip some suds, and they’re marching to their own beat. Deco checked out Beat Culture Brewery and got a taste — one pint at a time.

The rhythm is strong at Beat Culture.

The Doral-based brewery is making waves with its creative and tasty brews.

Alan Espino, co-owner: “Beat Culture is about eight years of obsession and a family affair of chipping in whatever they had to make this eight-year obsession and dream become reality.”

The craft beer craze is huge in Miami, but Beat Culture is keeping it small.

Alan Espino: “Our whole brewery footprint is only 1,500 square feet, and a lot smaller compared to traditional ones, and all the ingredients that we use, all our fruits we use, our honey, all that comes from South Florida.”

When it comes to beer, it’s all about unique flavors with locally-sourced ingredients.

Alan Espino: “That’s Fight Milk IPA, so that’s a take on a milkshake IPA with lactose, milk sugar and fermented on locally-sourced mango.”

Customer: “This is really crisp. It’s light. It’s gold in a cup.”

This Double IPA is the bomb, and you can quote me on that.

Alan Espino: “That is Air Quotes. That’s our double IPA. This one is low bitterness, giving you notes of cantaloupe and mandarin oranges.”

Feeling adventurous? Take a trip to the dark side.

Alan Espino: “That’s an imperial stout that’s aged in Perla Coffee and cow chocolates, so it’s gonna be higher in alcohol.”

Ready for a decadent dessert?

Alan Espino: “We have a Guava Pastelito IPA that we have fermenting behind us.”

Customer: “We needed some place around this area that provided some quality craft beers, and I think this place is delivering.”

When it comes to new flavors, with a culture of creativity, this bar is hard to beat!

Alan Espino: “You go into crazy amount of detail, and that’s what brewing really is. It’s a science of a million details.”


Beat Culture Brewing Company
7250 NW 11th St.
Miami, FL 33126

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