Beach-to-Bar Fashions

How often do you spend a day at the beach and then go straight from the sand to grab something to eat or drink? Pretty much every time, right? But what did you look like? Usually, Deco’s Shireen Sandoval is a full-on hot mess after a day of surf, sand and sunshine, but thanks to hot Miami styles, tonight she’s going beach-to-bar without breaking a sweat.

Beating the heat is a full-time job for a South Florida fashionista.

Lisa Morales: “I think, just mentally, you know, just think you’re cool.”

Shireen Sandoval: “We’re cool.”

To get tips on keeping cool, we caught up with hot Miami styles at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach.

Lisa Morales: “We have everything you need to take you from the beach to the bar scene.”

Never let them see you sweat — in a maxi dress.

You can also quench your thirst with the Ritz’s Honey Bee, a Ginger Berry Mojito or the El Nuevo Antico. Cheers!

Shireen Sandoval: “The thing that’s great about the maxi, too, is it’s not so hot.”

Lisa Morales: “It’s not, and you know, get a little bit of air between your legs. It’s flowy, and also, the flowy dresses are amazing.”

A halter romper, or one with sheer sleeves, can keep you looking fresh and fabulous.

Lisa Morales: “The floral prints are amazing because they just give you the feminine and elegant look, and they’re just beautiful.”

And this summer season, one-piece cut-out swimsuits are all the rage.

Lisa Morales: “It’s genius, and we love all the different colors, all the cut-outs, and you can still be sexy and elegant without showing so much of your stomach.”

After a day at the beach, your one-piece can easily be worn to the bar.

Lisa Morales: “Who says you can’t wear your swimsuit as a body suit?”

So, I tried it for the blog. From beach-to-bar, I wore:

  • a black lace-up one-piece with a tropical romper
  • a purple swimsuit with a romper with a floral flair
  • a black sheer number with just a hint of a nude swimsuit

Lisa Morales: “We love the one-piece bathing suit. You can just pair it with, a skirt and that’s your outfit for the nighttime.”

Whether it’s a maxi dress, floral romper or a cut-out one-piece swimsuit, hot Miami styles will keep you casually cool.

Lisa Morales: “The floral patterns are so elegant and so feminine, and we have so many maxi dresses.”

You’ll go from beach-to-bar without breaking a sweat. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite things.

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