My favorite four-letter word is shop!

There’s a place in Miami giving new companies a chance to get their names out there. It’s a way to buy their stuff before they become big time. I’ll shop to that!

Check out what’s popped up at Bayside Marketplace.

The Bayside Pop-Up Lounge lets small businesses set up shop in a big mall without breaking the bank on rent.

Pamela Weller: “It’s about artists and local community and giving people a chance to try their talent in a place where it’s free rent and develop that into a store or brand or concept.”

Start-ups and online businesses test the waters in the lounge for a month or two.

Pamela Weller: “We want to make sure what we put here succeeds and they do very well.”

Once the pop-ups find success, they can move on to brick-and-mortar stores of their own. Hopefully, they don’t go far.

Daniela Orjuela, business owner: “We want to be here all this month and then we want to have a store or something like here in Bayside Market Place to have like grow the brand.”

The new businesses get their names out there, and we give our credit cards a workout!

Audrey Goldstein: “I think it’s awesome because it’s giving small businesses an opportunity to showcase their product that they don’t normally get online, Instagram or Facebook, so I think it’s a cool idea actually.”

Customers can buy some cool stuff and meet the people behind the brands.

Daniela Orjuela: “This is a great space to have a better connection with the client.”

Jacqueline Mariie: “I love the combination of all of the artisans and all of the designs, and people coming together to showcase the talent and the uniqueness.”

The lounge plans on having dozens of rotating vendors, so everyone gets a chance to shine!

Right now, you can find everything from bathing suits, to custom tea blends to jewelry.

Jacqueline Mariie: “We were just walking through, and of course we stopped and saw the beautiful jewelry, and of course we need a swimsuit. We are in Miami.”

Think of it as shopping small in a really big mall.

Aubrey Goldstein: “You want to support their cause and their brand and their product and that is why I am here.”

Pamela Weller: “What I love about it is that it’s a whole art-to-wear concept. They create it, you get to meet the artist and understand how they develop it, and then you get to wear it out.”

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