Baylee, Brian Littrell talk to Deco about going on tour together

Most musicians would love taking their kids on the road to show them what that life is like, and one member of the Backstreet Boys is doing just that. Deco went backstage to hang with a famous father and his son.

The Backstreet Boys brought their DNA Tour to the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Friday night.

This tour has extra meaning for BSB member, Brian Littrell.

His son, Baylee, is the opening act.

Baylee Littrell: “I go out there, and I want people to enjoy my music. I go into a different world.”

Baylee’s gone into a different musical world, as well.

He’s a stone-cold country artist.

Baylee Littrell (singing): “Maybe just maybe you gon’ like it,so girl don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

Brian wasn’t surprised when his son decided on that particular style.

He’d been listening to it all his whole life.

Brian Littrell: “You know, he talks about Merle Haggard and the ’50s and the ’60s of country and like when country was country.”

Baylee’s learned plenty from watching his dad over the years, like how to get up close and personal with fans at a pre-show meet and greet.

He’s also picked up some moves.

Baylee Littrell: “Working the stage. Definitely working the stage. That’s one thing my mom says that he teaches me to wave, which he does he’s like ‘Wave to the crowd.’ Then, I try to wave I’m like, ‘Dang it. It looks just like him.'”

Brian’s upped his own game thanks to his son’s dedication to his career.

Brian Littrell: “He’s taught me to be even stronger and better on stage, I think, to be a little more focused on my craft.”

Being a dad and a fellow musician is something Brian is handling quite well.

Brian Littrell: “I’m always out in front at the sound booth, judging how it sounds. When he’s doing so well and captivating in his own right, I get to enjoy it, just as if I’m a fan.”

Opening up for the Backstreet Boys hasn’t gotten old for Baylee. Not by a long shot.

Baylee Littrell: “I’m still amazed like it’s the first show every night when I see those arenas completely filled, and you’re like, ‘Holy Crap.'”

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