This year has been super stressful, but luckily, it’s almost over. There’s one local company that wants to help you scrub off your troubles and get a clean start into the new year.

Bathing Muse Soul Bars are made right here in SoFlo, and they’ll help you wash away your worries.

Francesca Cruz, Body and Soul: “Bathing Muse Soul Bars has three different soul bars. The first one is the Clean as a Whistle Soul Bar, and this is the pièce de résistance. It heals and deeply cleans and banishes all negativity.”

The new year is all about a clean slate.

These soaps are packed with things to help you get started on the right foot.

Francesca Cruz: “The Clean as a Whistle Soul Bar is made with 16 different very potent herbs. One of the herbs used is sage. Sage is incredible for cleansing your aura.”

The soap is based on the phases of the moon.

Francesca Cruz: “In the case of banishing, you want to do it during a full moon. I use bells. I use mantras. I use crystals.”

Everything is brewed together, like a tea, then mixed together with the coconut-based glycerine to make the soap.

And for the finishing touch…

Francesca Cruz: “We did add, just for Deco Drive, an extra special oomph, which is I added some crushed crystals. It’s gonna make it extra super-duper powerful.”

Once the soaps harden, they’re ready to cleanse anything 2020 has thrown your way.

Lisa Schwartz, in my feelings: “The Soul Bars, I think they help you kinda hone in on what you’re feeling. It’s really helped me maintain a positive attitude and also manifest new things into my life.”


Bathing Muse Soul Bars

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