Barry’s Bootcamp powers up Wonder Woman workout

Wonder Woman’s the queen of the summer box office so far, not just for her courage, but for her muscles. Now, with a few moves, you can have the Wonder Woman look, too. Cape not included.

Wonder Woman is fierce, strong and powerful, but she didn’t get like that overnight. Just take Gal Gadot’s word for it.

Gal Gadot: “I had five months of pre-production of doing horse riding and martial arts and a lot of body work.”

That explains this snap Gal posted of her holding some very big weights. Her hard work for the role inspired us to see what it takes to get in Wonder Woman shape.

Derek DeGrazio, Barry’s Bootcamp: “All right, Wonder Women. Woo!”

Derek DeGrazio and his team of Wonder Women showed us some moves at Barry’s Bootcamp on Miami Beach.

Derek DeGrazio: “Your arms are almost a by-product of your core.”

This means both body parts need to be strong.

Derek DeGrazio: “One of the staples to get those Wonder Woman arms is a biceps curl.”

And he’s not talking about weights. Instead, use a resistance band so that you can work those abs at the same time.

Derek DeGrazio: “Kind of be ready to get punched in the belly. Exhale one second up, exhale two seconds down.”

Here’s why this routine is so important.

Derek DeGrazio: “Instead of just isolating one muscle group, you’re actually getting three, because you’re doing the bicep, you’re doing the shoulder and, by default, you’re engaging your core.”

And it’s good prep work for throwing those upper cuts like the Amazon princess.

The next workout is planking.

Derek DeGrazio: “We’re working the core which, Wonder Woman, she cannot fly without a strong core.”

OK, Gal isn’t actually flying. It’s more like a superhero-sized jump, but if she could fly, it wouldn’t just be about the arms.

Derek DeGrazio: “She’s not just flying with her arms, you know. She’s flying with her superpowers, but to stay up in the sky and things like that, you’ve gotta have your abs engaged.”

This iconic move is also proof that looking like Wonder Woman takes strong arms and more.

Derek DeGrazio: “The only way Wonder Woman can sling that lasso is, she’s gotta have her core engaged so she can control it more easily with her arms.”

Now go and be your own Wonder Woman.

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