Barok Café

Sometimes you don’t want to dress up to have a fancy meal. That’s why Deco’s been on the hunt for a laid-back place with some upscale cuisine. Finally — we found just what we were looking for, French flare included.

In an ordinary looking plaza — an out of the ordinary French experience.

Rudy Cohen: “This is a French restaurant … French owner, French chef.”

Barok Café in North Miami is all about fancy meets comfy.

Rudy Cohen: “We try to do something a little bit upscale, but with a low-key ambiance.”

So — the decor is upscale, and the French food isn’t the one you’re used to.

Rudy Cohen: “We try to do like a French modern food. It’s like we didn’t do it like the cliché of the French cuisine.”

So — they’ll serve you up some sautéed shrimp with a sauce made with pasties — a Mediterranean spirit.

Magali Joseph-Alexandre: “It tastes like anise. It’s from South of France and it’s very popular alcohol.”

More of a meat person? Try the filet mignon with morel sauce…

Magali Joseph-Alexandre: “The morel is a mushroom. Very fragrant and very delicious that we cook in France.”

As for the meat itself, have it the way you like it, but if it was up to the chef…

Magali Joseph-Alexandre: “I’m going to cook it medium rare, which is, I would say, the best.”

Don’t forget to pair your meal with a nice French wine.

Rudy Cohen: “You can have like, for me, a good bottle of Côtes du Rhône is very appreciated with a rich meat, or if you’re going to have a salmon, it would be like good to go with a sauvignon blanc or chardonnay. And all the wine we have here is … all of them from France.”

With your wine … there’s some nice — brick goat cheese or an aromatic Camembert.

And look how pretty everything looks!

Rudy Cohen: “We work a lot for the decor of the plate. We like to do like a very nice presentation because I think the first look at the plate give you like a really good taste.”

Bon appétit Deco peeps!


Barok Café
12953 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami, FL 33181
(305) 456-0002

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