Twelve years between hair cuts is probably a little too long… but that’s how long we’ve been waiting since our last trip to the barbershop… the movie that is. Earlier today, I met up with Ice Cube at The Spot Barbershop in Coral Gables, and got the buzz on "Barbershop: The Next Cut."

Ice Cube’s back!

Chris Van Vliet: "So why has it been so long since we’ve been to the barbershop?"

Ice Cube: "A lot of different reasons. After the second one, we felt like we needed to have the perfect premise before we did another one."

"Barbershop: The Next Cut" brings the gang back together. Ice Cube is back as Calvin alongside familiar faces — like Cedric the Entertainer and Eve. And there’s some additions like Nicki Minaj and Common. But things are a little different now.

Ice Cube: "Calvin’s shop is now unisex. That 2008 recession hit hard. They do the beauty salon on one side, the barbershop on the other. And it’s cool because now you get a female perspective. You’ve got a battle of the sexes a little bit."

Chris Van Vliet: "I feel like Calvin would be a big NWA fan. What do you think his song would be?"

Ice Cube: "Oh man. I think Calvin would be more on like express yourself."

Like Ice Cube, Calvin isn’t afraid to express himself, and when he sees the neighborhood around the barbershop getting more and more dangerous, he takes matters into his own hands.

Ice Cube: "It’s not only a place to get your self-esteem back in order, because a fresh cut or a fresh hairdo will make you feel better about yourself, but there’s no better conversation, there’s no better camaraderie, there’s no better place you can go and be yourself."

It hits theaters on April 15th. And of course, after the interview I had to make sure Cube was looking fresh… so I cleaned his lines up a little bit.

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