Balayage at Avant-Garde Salon & Spa

Let’s face it: When it comes to fashion, women like change. And changing our hair is so much fun. Plus, it’s easier than changing our boyfriends. The latest trend to catch our eye involves two colors.

Lynn Martinez: “Do you like my braid? Arleen did it.”

There’s nothing like changing up your hair … and the women of Hollywood know that well.

The latest trend celebs are wearing is all over Instagram — plays with color.

Arleen Regnault, Avant-Garde Salon & Spa: “It’s back on trend because all the stars are doing it.”

It’s ombre … meets balayage.

Arleen Regnault: “Balayage is a technique that comes from Europe. And it means sweeping, which is, basically, we’re painting on your hair.”

Stylists at the iconic Avant-Garde hair salon in Coral Gables say it’s an updated technique, with a modern twist.

Lynn Martinez: “What’s the difference between balayage and ombre? Because when I think ombre, I think two-toned, right?”

Arleen Regnault: “The difference is that the balayage works with an ombre, so it’s painting very thin slices and then you do the ombre on the bottom, so it works well and gives you that clean look without that streaky foiled look.”

Lynn Martinez: “It’s painting. It sounds very Michelangelo.”

Which gives your hair more dimension, with less damage.

Lynn Martinez: “How does it work growing out? I mean, when my roots grow out, you see my roots.”

Arleen Regnault: “There is no maintenance. It’s minimal because all you need to do is your root.”

The look is more natural, and clients love it.

Zeinab Chatila: “I get compliments on it every time I go out, which is great.”

Zeinab went for honey on the bottom of her dark locks.

Lynn Martinez: “It looks so pretty, and it feels so healthy. It doesn’t feel damaged at all … I’m touching a stranger’s hair!”

Zeinab Chatila: “It was easy and effortless, just as it is to upkeep, which is great. And I do have dark roots, but since I don’t have grays or anything like that, it’s low maintenance. I can come in for a cut and just redo it.”

And when it grows out — it grows out.

So this summer, get more dimension, less damage — and change it up!

Arleen Regnault: “Anyone that wants something cool and different, can do a balayage.”

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