Balance work and play at The Hub Spark in Fort Lauderdale’s FATVillage

All work and no play makes anyone a dull boy or girl or llama. A Fort Lauderdale bar hopes to switch up your schedule. It’s all about laptops and libations at Hub Spark.

FATVillage in Fort Lauderdale is the place for galleries and hip new bars. Now, you can get to work in the heart of it all.

Isaac Benharoche, Hub Spark: “This is an area that is growing, a lot of development. We wanted to bring something new and unique.”

Hub Spark is a co-op work space with a twist.

Isaac Benharoche: “Normally, if someone would go to Starbucks or work from home, they could come here. It’s a private membership where they get free WiFi, free internet, free coffee. They get to network with other people.”

And feel free to have a cocktail with your conference call,

Isaac Benharoche: “While people were working, we wanted to give different areas to work, that they just didn’t have to sit at a desk. You’re more than welcome to have a cocktail while you’re working during the day as well.”

Need some down time? Slip into a nap pod.

Isaac Benharoche: You just walk right over there, climb up the ladder, and you can take a quick nap.”

Now that you’re good and rested, it’s time to party.

Isaac Benharoche: “At 6 p.m., we become a full bar. Every night we have different specials. We have live music. We have DJs.”

If you’re looking for an after-hours vibe, head out the back door, through the patio and into the Hub Lounge.

Isaac Benharoche: “On the weekends, we really activate the whole space, so that you have a bar feel on one side, a whole backyard environment, and then full-blown club and lounge on the other side.”

Customer No. 1: “This is really unique. I think everybody that lives here are waiting for a place like this one.”

Customer No. 2: “I’ve met more contacts for business and been more productive in the last three weeks I’ve utilized the space.”

So, if you’re looking for a place to work and then play, Hub Spark could be the perfect place to charge up your work week.”


The Hub Spark
828 NE 4th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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