Bakan in Wynwood offers authentic Mexican cuisine with dishes that feature insects

How much would you pay for a really good taco? Would you pay $5, maybe $10? An authentic Mexican spot in Miami is charging $25 for their special tacos. That’s because there’s something a little creepy, crawly and yummy about them.

Bakan in Wynwood is spicing up the South Florida taco scene by going underground.

We’re talking insects, people.

Oscar Del Rivero, chef: “These particular insects are not only a delicacy, but represent Mexico really well.”

First, there are escamoles, which are ant larvae. Caviar, basically.

Oscar Del Rivero: “We just toast them a little, sauté them a little with a little bit of butter and a little bit of cilantro or epazote and a little bit of chile serrano.”

The finished product is supposed to taste a little buttery and a little pine-nutty.

Amy Androw, customer: “I was really surprised. I’ve never had ant caviar before, and it was really good. Great flavors! It’s definitely a delicacy to me! It was really good.”

They’ve also got worms!

Jim Carrey (as Lloyd in “Dumb and Dumber”): “I got worms.”

Karen Duffy (as J.P. Shay in “Dumb and Dumber”): “I beg your pardon?”

No, not like that!

Another delicacy is chinequile, a type of worm.

Oscar Del Rivero: “They are red and crispy and smoky and delicious.”

They’re sautéed and added to the tortilla, just like the escamoles, but topped with pickled veggies and some guac.

Oscar Del Rivero: “I think that just brings everything together.”

Francisco Ramos, customer: “It doesn’t taste like what you’d think worms would taste. It tastes more like chicken or something. The spice is perfect. The sauce it has is perfect.”

Each taco costs $25, but it’s not like Bakan is price gouging.

Getting a hold of these delicacies is really expensive to begin with.

Oscar Del Rivero: “We’re proud of just being able to offer them and being able to get them and cook them here. It’s just something that makes us really proud.”

Francisco Ramos: “It tastes like a $30 taco, actually!”

And if you’re unfamiliar with these Mexican delicacies, Bakan thinks they’re perfect for newcomers.

Oscar Del Rivero: “It hits the mark on many levels: healthy, delicious, innovative and it’s actually very authentic.”


2801 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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