‘Bad Moms’ star hits red carpet, gives parenting advice

(WSVN) - So here’s the deal. If you’re tired of trying to be the best mom you can be, follow Mila Kunis’ footsteps and be a bad mom instead. We don’t mean in real life; it’s Mila’s character in a new comedy called “Bad Moms.”

Celebrities like Christina Applegate stepped out on the red carpet in Los Angeles last night for the premiere of “Bad Moms.” The film is about women who give in to the chaos of motherhood.

As for Mila Kunis the actress has only one parenting advice to give.

Mila Kunis: “Just don’t tell anyone what to do, period. That’s my parenting advice. Don’t tell people how to parent their kid. Every kid is an individual, and every parent is an individual, and they’ll find each other.”

She would know. Mila is about to become a mom for the second time. Her movie, “Bad Moms,” will hit theaters on Friday, July 29.

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