MIAMI (WSVN) - South Florida is an urban jungle, and in the middle of it all is a new spot serving up some delicious food.

The battle for Miami’s coolest restaurant just got even bigger.

Bryan Carvajal, Back Door Monkey: “Once you walk into the place you feel in a little bit of an oasis. The energy is amazing.”

The decor is on point, but what you can’t miss is the DJ booth.

Bryan Carvajal: “Once you come and see the place, you will see things such as like a war tank, which we use as a DJ booth.”

There’s a tank in the middle of the restaurant, and it looks legit.

It was custom designed and made for music. It doesn’t move, and the only one who can climb in it is the DJ.

Bryan Carvajal: “People ask if it is a real tank. It’s not. It’s just a replica.”

You can come for the music, but stay for the Asian fusion food.

Nicolas Caicedo, chef, Back Door Monkey: “We are doing Asian with Latin influences. The menu was created in a way where people from all over the world can come and try the different options we have.”

Carmen Tinoco, customer: “It’s an amazing place. Amazing food, and the taste is awesome.”

You can check out the roasted king crab legs and their signature sushi roll with octopus.

Nicolas Caicedo: “We glaze it and blow torch a peanut butter and masago mayonnaise.”

If you like your fish dishes a little more raw, the sashimi is the way to go.

Nicolas Caicedo: “Our sashimi is unique because every fish has a sauce to go with. I feel like that was the idea behind this dish. We didn’t want to do just a sashimi platter. We wanted to do something unique.”

Even the fried rice has a twist. A server mixes an egg yolk in it at your table.

Carmen Tinoco: “The vibe is really chill, and it’s amazing to be eating and listening to music. The music is amazing too.”

The restaurant will take your temperature upon entering.

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