Bachelorette comedy ‘Rough Night’ promises to bring on laughs

A rough night — anybody who’s been on South Beach past midnight has had one. And “Rough Night” is also the name of the latest girls-being-bad comedy which hits theaters Friday. The cast is taking Deco behind the scenes of their wild bachelorette weekend.

Scarlett Johansson (as Jess): “We’ll clean everything, and then we’ll call the police.”

Zoë Kravitz (as Blair): Let’s get rid of all the drugs.”

Whoa, ladies, pump the brakes! Cops, cocaine and a dead body? How did we get here?!

“Rough Night” finds Scarlett Johansson’s character, Jess, getting the old gang back together for her bachelorette party, an entirely relatable situation.

Scarlett Johansson: “It’s kind of that group of friends that live very separate lives, but when they all get together, it’s just the same that it used to be.”

Ilana Glazer (as Frankie): “Party starts now! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Zoë Kravitz (as Blair): “Oh, that was bad.”

Jillian Bell (as Alice): “Yeah, we’re in an airport.”

But that relatability takes a turn for the worse when the “rough” part of the night gets added to the equation.

Zoë Kravitz: “We go to Miami for a girl’s trip, and this crazy thing happens.”

Crazy and Miami? You don’t say! But really, Zoë’s being modest, because what she means is the girls kill a male stripper!

From there you’ve got ScarJo, Kate McKinnon and other comedy pros as five friends who seem capable of making only terrible decisions — in other words, a typical weekend on South Beach.

Naturally, shenanigans ensue.

Jillian Bell (as Alice): “Did anybody see me fall? Everybody saw.”

All: “No, no!”

Kate McKinnon (as Pippa): “Alice! You fell!”

Those shenanigans promise to bring lots of laughs, at least if you take the cast’s word for it.

Zoë Kravitz: “It’s so rare to read a script that makes you laugh out loud.”

Hey, Kate, can we get a visual of that?

Kate McKinnon: “Hahahaha — like that, you know, on and on throughout.”

“Rough Night” is out now in theaters.

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