‘Baby’ talk: Alec Baldwin gets animated about family comedy

In the 1980s, a TV show with Tony Danza asked the question “Who’s the Boss?” This weekend at the movies, Alec Baldwin is the boss — when he stars in the animated film “The Boss Baby.” Deco’s Chris Van Vliet sat down with the star.

Baldwin has done a lot in his career, but these days he’s best known for having the best Donald Trump impression in the land.

So what would Trump think of his new movie? I flew to L.A. to find out.

Lisa Kudrow (as Janice Templeton): “Look at him. He wears a suit. He’s like a little man.”

This is no regular baby. Bo, this is the Boss Baby.

Miles Christopher Bakshi (as Tim Templeton): “You can talk!”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Goo goo ga ga?”

Miles Christopher Bakshi (as Tim Templeton): “So, you can really talk.”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Fine, I can talk.”

Alec Baldwin voices the Boss Baby, who is actually the boss of the babies. In the movie, babies are facing a crisis: They aren’t getting as much love as they used to because puppies are cuter! it’s his job to try to put an end to that!

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Behold our mortal enemy! Puppies!”

Other babies: “Aww.”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “No! That’s exactly the problem.”

So yes, the babies in this movie talk with actual words, unlike Alec’s 20-month old son, who isn’t quite as articulate.

Alec Baldwin: “When he wants something, he’ll go like, “Yahhh!” He shouts and makes some dinosaur sound that he wants something from us.”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Put that cookie down. Cookies are for closers!”

Sure, it’s a baby, but you can still see a lot of Alec’s expressions on his face.

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Look, you’ve all made an excellent decision to see this movie.”

Alec Baldwin: “One thing people don’t know — or maybe they do know — is they have a camera that’s filming your mouth and your face and how you articulate and speak, so the animation is kind of synced to the way you talk.”

And speaking of the way you talk…

Chris Van Vliet: “The Donald Trump impression is incredible. What do you think Donald Trump would say about ‘The Boss Baby?'”

03:02 Alec Baldwin: “I’m sure that Trump would say that he would be better to voice the Boss Baby than I am, and he might have a point. He might have been the perfect choice to voice the Boss Baby, but lucky for me he was busy and I got the job, and I’m very grateful for that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “On the flip side of it, though, you’re better at being Donald Trump than Donald Trump is at being Donald Trump.”

Alec Baldwin: “Well, I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment.” (laughs)

Miles Christopher Bakshi (as Tim Templeton): “Who are you?”

Alec Baldwin (as Boss Baby): “Let’s just say I’m the boss.”

You’ll also recognize the voices of Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel as the mom and dad in the movie. “Boss Baby” crawls into theaters on Friday.

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