B-Force Bands give a killer workout routine

Chris Van Vliet’s favorite time of day is being on Deco. But his second favorite time of day? Hitting the gym. Deco show’s you the brand new device that will make your difficult workout even more difficult.

It may look easy, but trust me, the B-Force Bands exercise is quite the killer workout.

Lynn Martinez: “Omg this is so hard. What number are we on? Seven more? OK.”

You know all that complaining means I was working … hard!

Bert Lopez is the guy who came up these special “B-Force Bands” and the routine.

Bert Lopez, B-Force Bands: “So like your traditional resistance bands, you step on, do a little bicep workout and that’s pretty much the gist of it.”

The bands come in five different colors. Each color represents a different level of intensity — so yellow is the easiest, black is the hardest. I went with the yellow.

Bert Lopez: “As you see, you have the handles, I have the ankle straps, you’re gonna attach all four to your body and then you can do explosive exercises.”

He means doing things like jumping jacks. And good old burpies.

The workout is meant to do two things to your body.

Bert Lopez: “We call it our Tight and Tiny Program, so it keeps you tight and tiny.”

Lynn Martinez: “I like to be tight and tiny.”

My favorite part? All it takes is 21 minutes.

Lynn Martinez: “So if you use the bands for 21 minutes does that equal?”

Bert Lopez: “Twenty-one minutes? I would say if you do 21 minutes, three times a week, you’ll definitely see amazing results.”

Don’t be fooled by the short class. You’re still breaking a sweat, burning fat and toning those muscles — in other words, it’s hard!

Bert Lopez: “What it allows you to do is train upper and lower body all at the same time. You get a full body workout at a very high intensity level.”

Lynn Martinez: “All right, how come none of you complain?”

He’s not kidding. I had to take a breather.

Lynn Martinez: “All right, how come none of you complain?”

Some people actually like working out … but I can’t blame them based off these results.

Mia Mascaro, customer: “I’ve been doing this everyday. My body’s completely changed and I love it. I feel tighter, stronger, I have more energy during the day.”

The bands also attach to any door so you can do the workout at home.


B-Force Bands
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