Azucar Ice Cream company serves up Miami-inspired flavors

From cocktails to ice cream, SoFlo restaurants serve up awesome appetizers and enticing entrees, but let’s face it — we’re all about the desserts! Deco’s sweetest reporter, Chris Van Vliet, is here with a cool treat.

We don’t freeze a lot in SoFlo — except when it comes to ice cream, and at one Little Havana spot, they’re serving up flavors Miami residents should recognize, and tourists will wish they had in their hometowns.

Azucar Ice Cream Company in Little Havana is serving up fun and funky flavors by the spoonful.

Patricia Delarosa, Azucar Ice Cream Company: “What makes our flavors different is that they are very South Florida. They are very Miami.”

Sure, you can get chocolate and vanilla, but Azucar also has flavors perfect for the magic city.

Patricia Delarosa: “Nobody really has flavors like ours because we make them, so we can please the people that live in South Florida, and they make sense here.”

Think Bustelo Ice Cream made with freshly made Cafe Bustelo coffee, or Havana Flan, which has real flan and real rum throughout.

Patricia Delarosa: “Of the flavors we have that are very Miami flavors is the Abuela Maria — that is guava cream cheese and Maria crackers. If you are Cuban-American, you had that for a snack almost every afternoon when you came home from school.”

Azucar even makes a savory side dish a dessert.

Patricia Delarosa: “The Plantain Ice Cream is actual fried plantains that you would have with your meal, and we take it, and we blend it well and put some bits and pieces in there and that is our Plantain Ice Cream.”

From guava to avocado, the fruit flavors are SoFlo favs.

Patricia Delarosa: “Since we purvey our fruits locally, some of the ice creams we have are seasonal.”

The fun flavors are a Miami thing.

Christina Song, customer: “I’m from Boston, and these are the flavors I could never find in Boston, and it’s so amazing that Miami has these flavors, like a blend of different cultures, and so i really enjoyed it.”

Azucar is right on Calle Ocho in the heart of Little Havana.

Patricia Delarosa: “We like to say what makes this ice cream different is we have specific flavors that are very reminiscent of the Cuban culture, the Cuban-American culture, more than anything.”

The flavors change all the time, which means you can keep going back and try things over and over and never get the same thing twice!


Azucar Ice Cream Company
1503 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

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