Pilo’s Tequila Garden in Wynwood is hot a spot for tacos and tequila, but their stage also brings some of the hottest talent in town.

And to meet their hottest talent, we sent our hottest talent, Alex Miranda!

Rapper Azealia Banks. You may know her music or have been on her Twitter page. Either way, she’s considered one of the most talented artists in hip-hop, and last night we got together backstage at Pilo’s for a little exclusive one-on-one.

Rapper Azealia Banks…

Azealia Banks: “Hey, I can be the answer.”

Doesn’t ‘answer’ to anyone.

Azealia Banks: “There’s no real gangsters left in hip-hop.”

The critically acclaimed performer…

Azealia Banks: “Now I feel in love, babe. I really know.”

…whose international hit “212” was listed last week on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time…

Azealia Banks: “I’m just shaking as you asked me that. Like, [expletive]. Like, I wrote that? I did that?”

…brought her signature Harlem style to a sold-out concert in Wynwood Monday, at Pilo’s Tequila Garden.

Azealia Banks: “…Feeling a change. I’m feeling it.”

Where we met her backstage.

Azealia Banks: “This new music I’m working on is probably some of the best music I’ve made in my career.”

Azealia is not just a rapper.

Azealia Banks: “You’ve been ’round the world looking for love in the strangest places.”

She’s a genre-bender…

Azealia Banks: “I make music because I have to.”

…who can also spit rhymes in Spanish…

Azealia Banks: “No te enamores. No te ilusiones.”

…and says she’s currently working on her realest art yet…

Azealia Banks: “I am…a sensitive person.”

And, recording a rock album!

Azealia Banks: “Yeah, I like Interpol and John Mayer.”

But that’s after dropping a summer single, inspired by Kanye West, that is so sexy…

Azealia Banks: “He mesmerized by my eyes and my feminine thighs.”

The title alone is too hot for TV.

Azealia Banks: “For a good, like, two years, my love life was just filled with Kanye West bros.”

Azealia Banks: “I just kinda wanted to, like, troll him.”

And some of her loyal South Florida followers…

Azealia Banks: “My fans are very cerebral, and very abstract.”

…are now neighbors after the “212” singer moved to the 305 this year.

Alex Miranda: “I’m like, ‘I think she likes it here.'”

Azealia Banks: “No, I love it here.”

Fourteen years after working as a New York City Starbucks barista in high school…

Azealia Banks: “Yes, I was a cutie!”

Alex Miranda: “Ha.”

Where she insists…

Azealia Banks: “No, that Azealia Banks was already famous.”

Rolling Stone hadn’t updated that Great Songs Of All Time list in 17 years. In case you were wondering, Azealia’s “212” was number 485.

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