Authentic ramen noodles at Brickell’s newest pop-up

A Brickell hot spot is now oozing noodles. But not just any noodles … ramen noodles! The owner has let a Japanese mastermind set up a pop shop, giving South Florida a taste of Japanese soul food.

Brickell’s Baby Jane is now a wonder of the Western world right here in the Magic City.

Jason Odio: “I went to Japan, fell in love with it. Explored everything. Ate a bunch, drank a bunch.”

After a recent trip to Japan, the owner of the cocktail house and eatery fell in love with the culture. And now, he’s teamed up with Japan’s ramen king — master chef Keiichi Maemura.

Jason Odio: “He told me he was trying to do something in Miami, and I told him how much I fell in love with Japan and the culture. And from one day to the next, we were striking a deal.”

A Shimuja pop-up shop now calls Baby Jane home, but this is nothing like the ramen you ate back in college.

Jason Odio: “It’s delicious. It’s not what you think it is, if you’re not very versed in what ramen is. It’s completely different. It’s a very authentic experience when it comes to the food.”

The fact that the chef opened shop in Miami is no coincidence.

Jason Odio: “He especially loved Miami, because the city that he’s from in Japan is the sister city to Miami.”

The East-meets-West partnership will have you eating your heart out on a bowl of steaming noodles, cooked in flavorful broth with ingredients from the ramen heartland.

Jason Odio: “He brings in noodles from San Francisco, he brings in a bunch of ingredients straight from Japan. And depending which ramen you get, it’s dynamic, from different proteins, to different noodles, to different broths. A lot of them are pork-based, made with homemade soy sauce.”

Not a meat eater? There are definitely items to suit your palate — like an avocado tofu dish.

Danielle Jackson: “The dish is delectable. I love it.”

Guests are already “ramenized” by the latest dish to be served up at the popular hot spot.

Kellie Monet: “The ramen just took me by surprise. Three times a week, this is where you’re gonna find me.”

Other traditional Japanese dishes like pork buns and soup dumplings are also on the menu. The pop-up shop will be open every day for lunch and dinner for the next six months.


Ramen pop-up at Baby Jane
500 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131
(786) 803-8004

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