Authentic Philly cheesesteak at Philly Grub

Philadelphia is known for a few things: the Liberty Bell, Rocky Balboa and Will Smith. It’s also a town that knows food. For decades, there has been a debate over who has the best Philly cheesesteak. Turns out, Miami has the best.

The Magic City is getting some brotherly love, all thanks to Philly Grub.

Jennifer McCool: “Philly Grub is an authentic Philly cheesesteak restaurant.”

This Philly cheesesteak hotspot in Little Haiti says they’re serving up the most authentic cheesesteak outside of Philly.

Jennifer McCool: “A Philadelphia cheesesteak is a thinly sliced steak, sometimes you can get it with cheese, if you like.”

Forget the frozen food section.

Jennifer McCool: “We use fresh, high-quality meat.”

The meat is freshly sliced, then it’s chopped on the grill. All you need to know is — do you want Whiz?

Jennifer McCool: “We use the Whiz on top, which is a mild cheddar sauce.”

Jennifer McCool: “An authentic cheesesteak sandwich is with Whiz. With is with onions and Whiz on top.”

If Whiz isn’t for you, go for American or provolone. Add in veggies, too.

Christopher Johnson: “It’s a good, juicy, messy sandwich. You’ve got to eat it quick so it doesn’t make the bread soggy.”

There’s cheesesteak and chicken, Italian hoagies and meatballs. The protein and cheese may change, but the bread never will.

Jennifer McCool: “We ship our rolls from Amoroso’s Baking Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Snow birds aren’t the only thing that fly to Florida.

Jennifer McCool: “The people say it’s the water in Philly that makes the rolls special. An Amoroso roll is a little crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.”

And here, the price is right. It’s also a history lesson.

Jennifer McCool: “All sandwiches at $7.76, which represents when the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia.”

From potato salad to pretzels to perogies, the sides are Philly staples, too.

Jennifer McCool: “A perogi is a potato dumpling, and it’s filled with potato cheese and sour cream, and we roll them out every day.”

And finish it off they way cool Philadelphians do.

Jennifer McCool: “Italian water ice. We will always have lemon in-house, sometimes we will have chocolate cherry.”

From the food to the funky and cool design, to the pictures of old steel mills, once you walk in, you’ll forget you’re in Southeast Florida … and think you’re in Southeast Pennsylvania.


Philly Grub
99 N.W. 54th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 857-6906