Authentic Brazilian Food at Regina’s Farm

There are three solid choices for any Deco viewer hungry for Brazilian cuisine: Jump on a plane bound for the South American country, try one of SoFlo’s Brazilian restaurants, or make it over to a local farm where you’ll chow down like a native.

Regina’s Farm is hidden away in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It’s the closest you’ll get to to an authentic Brazilian food experience without a visa.

Regina: “We want to show people how you cook on the Brazilian countryside, the way my grandma cooks, my mom cooks.”

The folks at this not-for-profit farm don’t have to work hard at being authentic. Ask the chickens and the roosters — this place is the real deal.

Regina: “If you go to Brazil on the country roads, you’ll see a place like that, and if you go to people’s homes on the farms, they have a wood stove outside and they cook.”

On most Saturdays, Regina opens her backyard to a reservations-only feast.

What was once a best-kept secret among transplanted Brazilians has become a go-to place for locals of every nationality.

Regina: “They want to come because they want to discover new things, new tastes. They want to discover a little bit of Brazil.”

What better way to make that discovery than through dinner?

Folks line up to sample oxtail, sausages, chicken, beans and pork, and more.

Regina: “We have okra, yucca, corn grits. We have collard greens, corn.”

Homemade cheese bread is passed around, soup is hot and ready to go, and fresh guarapa — sugar cane juice served ice cold — is a sweet way to wash everything down.

You’d better leave room for coffee and dessert, though!

Regina: “We have flan, coconut cake, my corn cake.”

There are brownies and candy, too. After all, dinner is a family affair.

Regina: “Here they stay three, four hours, and the kids are here. They can see them here. They don’t go outside and they play.”

You can’t beat the deal: $30 for adults, $15 for kids. It’s all-you-can-eat, and you can bring your own wine.

Regina’s Farm will fill you with good food and great vibes.

Guest 1: “It’s very unique, in my opinion.”

Guest 2: “This is so much fun, better than I thought.”

Guest 3: “The chicken, the food, the cooking is exactly like home.”


Regina’s Farm
1101 Middle St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 465-1900

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