Austin Mahone helps SoFlo kids kick off school year with new kicks

Austin Mahone may not be going back to school, but that didn’t stop the singer from helping students get back in the swing of things. Austin helped a bunch of South Florida kids get ready for their big day, and he told Deco all about it.

Austin Mahone caught the world’s attention with his sultry smooth voice and his killer dance moves.

But this weekend, he passed up Hollywood for South Florida so he could give back to kids in the 305.

Austin Mahone: “It feels good to be here and give back.”

Austin made a guest appearance at the ‘Style Saves’ back-to-school event in Wynwood.

The event gave thousands of SoFlo kids a chance to get groomed, have fun and get things like clothes and cool kicks over the weekend before the new school year.

And Austin helped deliver.

Austin Mahone: “I have at least 200 pairs of shoes in the back right now, and we’re giving them to kids that come up.”

Two hundred pairs! And some of them actually belonged to him.

Austin Mahone: “I’m a huge shoe collector. I have hundreds of shoes, and when I moved, I cleaned up stuff I don’t really wear, and I wanted to give them to people that will put them to great use.”

And he loves to show them off on Instagram.

Since it was the day before these kids went back to school, we had to ask the star what it was like for him the day before being back in the classroom.

And based off his social media, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his focus was on his style.

Austin Mahone: “For me, the first day before school, I had to make sure my fit was right. You know, I did the classic, ‘Let me lay my whole outfit out on the bed exactly how it’s gonna be,’ and then wake up the next day super excited for school.”

I bet having a pair of Austin’s shoes got these kids excited for school, too.

But here’s what Austin says about helping kids.

Austin Mahone: “My biggest reward is just seeing the smile on their face when I give them a new pair of shoes, and they’re so happy to have that. To be able to give back to the kids, before everyone’s goin’ to school, you know, giving away a lot of shoes that I’ve had could benefit a lot of other people. It’s a great feeling.”

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