Aubrey Plaza is a director caught in the middle of a marriage going downhill in ‘Black Bear’

Note to self, don’t stay at a remote cabin with a couple having relationship issues. Too bad Aubrey Plaza didn’t get the memo. The star’s dishing with Deco about her new movie, “Black Bear.”

Christopher Abbott (as Gabe): “It’s like she can’t stand the fact that I have a single thought about this world.”

Sarah Gadon (as Blair): “No, it’s that I can’t stand the thoughts about the world that you have!”

Aubrey Plaza (as Allison): “This has been so fun.”

Three’s definitely a crowd in the suspenseful new drama, “Black Bear.”

Aubrey Plaza stars as a filmmaker who plays mind games with a troubled young couple while staying at their remote cabin in New York.

Aubrey Plaza: “No one wants to be stuck in a cabin in the woods with a marriage going downhill.”

Sarah Gadon (as Blair): “You’re really hard to read.”

Aubrey Plaza (as Allison): “Ya, you know what? I get that all the time.”

The couple, played by Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon, have a baby on the way and a lot of trust issues.

It all seems pretty straightforward, but the movie is full of surprises.

Aubrey Plaza: “I kind of describe it as two different nightmares that are interwoven by one mega-nightmare coming to theaters near you!”

We’ll leave it at that.

Aubrey Plaza (as Allison): “Leave me alone!”

Aubrey also produced “Black Bear,” and since she plays a director in the movie, we wanted to know if she plans on becoming one?

Aubrey Plaza: “Do I have a project that I’m working on right now that I will direct? Yes. Is it starring me? Yes. Am I the only person in it? No. Is it the best movie that will ever be made? Yes.”

Can’t wait for that.

Her co-star, Christopher, doesn’t lack confidence either.

He can’t believe how good the acting is in the movie!

Christopher Abbott: “I was thinking that constantly. Yes, about Aubrey and Sarah, but mostly about myself. I deliver a line, and I go ‘I’m killing it.'”

Sarah Gadon: “I am always thinking about how amazing Chris is. Camera rolling, camera not rolling, I’m in awe, constantly.”

All hail Christopher.

Aubrey Plaza: “He has a confidence of a young De Niro.”

Robert De Niro (as Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver”): “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?”

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