Atma Beauty

Getting all prettied up in SoFlo can have its downside. The heat here can wilt your look as soon as you step outside. But Deco found a hot spot where you can save your gorgeous look forever — with a pro photo shoot — before you ever leave the building.

Wanna be treated like a cover girl with a pro photo shoot after getting all dolled up?

Head to Atma Beauty, a 7,000-square-foot salon on Miami Beach.

Sheenon Olson, Atma Beauty: “My business partner and I kinda came up with it ’cause we wanted to look at something where beauty wasn’t just skin deep.”

Atma is Sanskrit for “soul,” and Sheenon Olson is the heart and soul behind it.

Sheenon Olson: “Eyes right here on me. Perfect, I like that.”

He’s known for his work as a Hollywood hairdresser and high fashion photographer. His salon’s got everything you need to look your very best: hair, makeup, nails … and spray tanning, too.

Sheenon Olson: “And we’re gonna be rolling out the MedSpa soon.”

All you gotta do is relax, kick back with some vino and let the pros take over.

Sheenon Olson: “It’s one-stop shop. It’s really like getting the best professionals that we have and training people and having really, really high standards.”

Select your services à la carte, and head to the social media station to digitize your look after.

Sheenon Olson: “If you’re trying to get a date, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a good photo of yourself.” (laughs)

Or head to the studio upstairs for a pro session with Sheenon.

Sheenon Olson: “Drop your chin a little bit, right there. Good. And then just kinda like squint your eyes a little bit.”

Sheenon Olson: “The session includes two edited photos, and that’s $350, and then I do $50 for every additional photo after that.”

And, if your hair needs help during the shoot, Sheenon’s got you covered. He also does photo retouching, so you’ll be looking absolutely fabulous in the shots you take home.

Atma Beauty
1874 West Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 216-7510

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