The first “Mission: Impossible” film is celebrating its silver jubilee on Saturday, which means Tom Cruise has been pulling out all kinds of crazy stunts for 25 years. Deco is looking back at some of Tom’s coolest tricks and death-defying feats, because there’s nothing impossible about Mission: Impossible.”

Planes, trains and automobiles. Oh, and did we mention even more planes? And crazy jumps from said planes?

Tom Cruise can’t stop, won’t stop. The actor has been pushing himself to the limit and doing his own stunts in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise for 25 years.

Tom Cruise: “That was intense.”

Tom has always loved the adrenaline, which means that back in the OG “Mission: Impossible” days, Cruise and director Brian De Palma would add scenes just so he could do the stunts.

Tom Cruise: “We didn’t have the story. Surprise, there was no story. But we’re like, ‘This is a cool idea. How do we – what could happen? What shots?'”

Yep, Tom’s down for anything.

Just ask Simon Pegg, who’s been working with him on these movies for five years.

Simon Pegg: “Tom’s really sort of doubled down on the stunt aspect of risking his life, literally, for the movie.”

Tom’s climbed the world’s tallest building … and hasn’t backed down from crazy dangerous helicopter stunts, much to his co-stars and production team’s concerns.

Tom Cruise: “I have to try to climb as fast as I can up that rope, and then it’s a freefall to the bag.”

Christopher McQuarrie: “Rebecca and I could see Tom dangling from this helicopter. Tom fell.”

Rebecca Ferguson: “I actually thought he fell, and I heard myself scream.”

Christopher McQuarrie: “We heard on the radio, ‘I think we just lost Tom.'”

They didn’t lose Tom. Cruise comes through, but even this thrill seeker gets freaked out sometimes.

Tom Cruise: “If something went wrong, I can’t get into the airplane until we land.”

Tom might be a pro, but he says even the stuff that looks easier can be hard to nail.

Tom Cruise: “I went down to the floor, and I kept hitting my face, ‘bam,’ hitting my face, and the take didn’t work.”

Christopher McQuarrie: “You’re seeing the last take.”


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