These days, museums are totally loving the idea of digital and interactive exhibits. There’s one spot in SoFlo that’s the OG when it comes to immersive experiences. ARTECHOUSE has just unveiled a colorful new exhibit that’s all about culture. Check it out.

Art and history are coming to life in Miami Beach.

ARTECHOUSE is celebrating Black culture in a brand-new exhibit by visual artist Vince Fraser. It’s called “Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies.”

Vince Fraser, visual artist, “Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies”: “Basically, it means to have like a spiritual power which enables you to make change.”

This immersive exhibit uses different technologies, like 3-D and augmented reality, to explore themes of identity and power.

Vince Fraser: “In most of my work, I try to sort of merge the real with the surreal.”

Since this is Vince’s first solo show, that means those of us here in SoFlo get to experience something no one else has.

Lena Galperina, Visitor Experience Director, ARTECHOUSE: “This is the first time that visitors will actually be able to step into his artwork. They’ll be able to interact with it.”

One way visitors can interact with the exhibit is through the digital African masks.

Vince Fraser: “Visually, you kind of stand in front of one of these display units, and the mask actually just kinda fits onto your face, a bit like a ‘Black Panther’ kind of mask.”

Lena Galperina: “All the interactions are touch free, but they’ll be able to see the masks become a part of their person.”

Vince also uses music, poetry and color to explore the Black experience.

Vince Fraser: “I tend to use a lot of blacks, a lot of golds, but every now and again, I’ll go a little bit kinda psychedelic and kinda brighten everything up.”

He tells Deco all these elements help set the mood.

Vince Fraser: “You kinda come in, and you start off really slowly, and as you gradually move up to the upstairs, the sound becomes more intense.”

Victoria Palacio, guest: So far, I’m so impressed. I love the interactive museum, the connectivity, everything that has to do with it, so it’s very cool.”

Vince is currently in London, so he hasn’t seen the exhibit in person yet, but he hopes everyone that does walks away feeling empowered.

Vince Fraser: “Art definitely can impact and make change, I think.”

“Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies”
736 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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