He’s been called one of the most famous graffiti artists of all time. Bansky has made a name for himself with his provocative works all over the world.

It is a celebration of one of the most famous artists in the world, but specifically street artists. The funny part about Banksy is we actually don’t know who he is. We do know he’s British.

The man, the mystery.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “You’re Banksy. I’m Banksy. Everyone is Banksy.”

No, not that adorable chihuahua. We’re talking about the anonymous British street artist Banksy, who’s iconic stencil technique…

Guillermo S. Quintana: “Is made with like, a paper that you cut it, and you have the image, and then you spray it.”

… Has made him world famous, even though his identity has never been officially revealed.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “That’s the most beautiful thing about Banksy. Is that we don’t care about the person, what about like, what he wants to say.”

The artist is the star of the “Art of Banksy: Without Limits,” a new exhibit opening Friday at Ice Palace Studios in Miami.

Alex Miranda: “What do we see here? When we come by, walk through? The space is huge?”

Guillermo S. Quintana: “I think it’s an excellent experience to understand how the mind of an artist works.”

Featuring more than 150 certified originals.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “We have worked from the ’98 until now.”

And inspired works.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “We have very good local artists working here and international artists making a reproduction of the murals.”

Walk through one of the installations from “Dismaland” or this reproduction of a London underground subway station, Gaia approved!

Alex Miranda: “Is she loving the experience as much as my thumb?”

Guillermo S. Quintana: “Sometimes.”

Except for this sticking point.

Alex Miranda: “Gaia, what do you think about the fact that Banksy uses more rats than dogs in his work? Yo quiero more dogs and Taco Bell.”

Expect the artist’s political statements too, using poetry and humor.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “If you come over here and realize all the social problems that we have, and we’re not the only ones to change it in the same philosophy of Bansky.”

Tickets are $27 for adults, $18 for kids.

Guillermo S. Quintana: “I don’t care how the people go inside. The most important for me is how they go outside.”

This exhibit is open Wednesdays through Sundays, through April, starting at 10 a.m.

For more information and tickets, click here.

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