Art is in full bloom at Vizcaya

There is something in bloom at Vizcaya … and we aren’t talking about the flowers. It’s art, and you can have a hand in how it’s done.

Calling all artists and wanna be artists! Vizcaya Museum and Gardens wants you to be part of their latest project, “Bloom: A Caretaker’s Diary.”

Gina Wouters, curator: “We have a community workshop, and people are creating these illuminated structures that are telling the story of Vizcaya Village.”

These aren’t puppets — they are works of art that light up.

Gina Wouters: “People are coming here and creating art pieces that will be shown in a precessional on Saturday night.”

Last year, the folks at Vizcaya hosted a similar event — but this year the art is bigger and brighter.

Gina Wouters: “The goal for all of this is to bring people together, to show them what they are really capable of making.”

And best of all — they don’t want pros to make them.

Gina Wouters: “This is from start to finish, regular, laymen people who are making these pieces. You don’t have to be skilled at all.”

Twice a day, folks have been coming to help make the structures before the show this coming Saturday.

Gina Wouters: “You come one day, you work on it, and then the next day, someone else may be working on it. It’s a very collaborative approach with little ownership over one thing.”

Sandra Molkentin, artist: “We think it’s great. It’s a nice way to enjoy time with friends and have a good laugh and get a chance to meet nice people. It’s a nice project they presented here in South Florida, and it’s nice to be a part of it.”

Once the pieces are built, paper mached and painted — it’s showtime.

Gina Wouters: “The performance is going to be all of these illuminated pieces coming together at twilight. So when it’s dark here in the Village and the lighting the grounds.”

Everyone is invited to help create the pieces and to carry them throughout the event.

Gina Wouters: “The workshops are free, and if you come and participate in the workshop, the performance is free. And if you aren’t participating in the workshop, it’s $10 to attend the performance.”

It’s culture, it’s Miami history and — it won’t break the bank.

There is only one more workshop day to create the structures. And the performance is Saturday night from 8:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.


Bloom: A Caretaker’s Diary at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
3251 South Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33129

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