Arch Creek Park in North Miami hosts ghost tour that mixes chills, history

Going into the woods at night? Usually not a good idea, but one Miami park is giving you some history with your Halloween. Deco’s taking a trip back in time for a spooky ghost tour.

Arch Creek Park in North Miami is nine acres of peaceful tranquility. But at night, things get a little spooky.

Aimee Scott, Arch Creek Park Ghost Tour and Campfire: “It started where people were starting to come and tell us more of their personal accounts.”

Take a walk in the park for the Arch Creek Ghost Tour.

Aimee Scott: “This is the Arch Creek Park Ghost Tour and Campfire. It’s a tour that we’ve started, and it’s been through different phases. We started it back in 2003.”

The tour takes guests deep into the woods, where strange objects have been seen.

Aimee Scott: “But they’ll see like a black dot move past them.”

And a ghostly figure known as the Lady in White.

Aimee Scott: “But guys, keep your eyes peeled for the Lady in White. If anybody gets any crazy looking — oh, my gosh, there we go. We’ve already got some crazy looking pictures.”

The park was once home to Tequesta Indians … who may still roam the grounds.

Aimee Scott: “People that have said that they’ve had encounters, where they’ve seen or heard or felt what they think might have been a Tequesta. And she’s like, ‘You don’t see him? There’s an adult male Tequesta in that tree.'”

After walking the trails, guests step into the light and find the perfect place to tell ghost stories.

Aimee Scott: “After the tour, the guests will gather around the campfire. This is an opportunity for them to kind of like share any experiences they might’ve had on the tour.”

Tour Guest 1: “I actually caught a glimpse of something on camera. Right here, you can see where the start of the discoloration starts, from the picture, as if somebody were standing right there.”

Tour Guest 2: “It was cool. There was one particular part about this guy dying, and that reminded me a lot of something that happened to me when I was little, so that part really creeped me out.”

This Halloween, you could write your own ghost story — at your local park.

Arch Creek Park
1855 NE 135th St.
North Miami, FL 33181

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