ApresBeach at the Ritz Carlton

Deco Drive gets you the lowdown on lots of things. Tonight we’ve got the lowdown on aloe. We found a spot that doesn’t want you to get prickly if you get burned.

South Florida is a sunshine mecca nearly 365 days a year. But, with fun in the sun… comes the need to cool off. That’s where the Ritz Carlton South Beach comes in.

Gio Smith: "The Ritz Carlton South Beach offers ApresBeach to both the pool and beach guests, so everyone who has been in the vicinity and has been in the sun all day can enjoy some fresh aloe vera, as well as aloe vera infused cocktails on the pool deck."

Apres is french for after, so ApresBeach is "after-your time in the sun, but before your time in the club."

Gio Smith: "It’s kind of a thing of, ‘I don’t really have to go to dinner yet, but I don’t have to get ready either.’ It takes that little gap for all guests have something to do."

The Ritz wants you to cool off inside and out.

Gio Smith: "We have two aloeolgist that are taking care of our guests — making aloe vera and natural products. As well as drinks made with natural juices."

Gio Smith: "An aloeolgist is a trained professional who knows how to cut the aloe, and muddle it in a way that is becomes a paste on your skin."  

And what’s good for the outside — is good for the inside.

Gio Smith: "It’s a natural antioxidant, it also reduces inflammation. So if you got a sunburn that day, it will reduce that inflammation."

For about $14 dollars a glass, the aloeolgist will also mix an aloe infused cocktail.

Lindsay Johnson: "I think it’s fantastic. A nice segue into the night."

From drinks with tequila, to those with gin, ApresBeach drinks are fresh-squeezed, fruit juice cocktails with a touch of aloe in them.

Gio Smith: "Our Watermelon Bourbon Beach, which is watermelon mixed with bourbon… aloe vera mixed in there for freshness of after sun and a tad bit of sweetener — all made with fresh watermelon."

The fresh aloe is available to anyone enjoying apres-beach. So if you get a drink, they’ll give it to you to cool the burn.

Gio Smith: "It is something that is offered to the guests, as well as the locals in Miami. It is something that is not offered in any other Ritz Carlton in the entire world." 

ApresBeach is offered at the Ritz Carlton South Beach Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday from 4 to 5:30 p.m.

ApresBeach at the Ritz Carlton
1 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139 
(786) 276-4000