We already know Angelina Jolie is talented and tough.

I mean, we all remember Mr. and Mrs. Smith, right? But, parachuting into wildfires and fighting two assassins tough?
Actually, yeah, I can probably picture that.

We dished with her about “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

Here’s a truth bomb for you…

Angelina Jolie: “All of us have had a time in our lives when we just feel broken.”

This past year especially, many of us can relate, including Angelina Jolie in the new action thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead.”

Finn Little (as Connor): “What happens next?”

Angelina Jolie (as Hannah): “You look him right in the eye. Ahh!”

Angelina plays Hannah, a smoke jumper which, by the way, is literally one of the bravest, and craziest, jobs. They’re elite wildland firefighters who parachute into blazes.

Angelina Jolie: “What they do, with the commitment to each other, to this life. The toll that it takes on their mental, their physical health. I just have such deep respect, so I had to really try to be better.”

But after Hannah offers 12-year-old Connor shelter in her lookout tower…

Angelina Jolie (as Hannah): “I want to see where the blood is coming from.”

Finn Little (as Connor): “It’s not my blood.”

Both run from two assassins who killed his father, and set fire in the forest to smoke both of them out.

Sounds exhausting! But newcomer Finn Little brags…

Finn Little: “I’m fine in the physical area. I’ve got young bones and stuff.”

Although, he tells Deco, meeting the Angie was scary!

Finn Little: “They flew me down to L.A. for the audition, and I was really nervous.”

Before learning she’s awesome! And really fun to work with.

Finn Little: “And you just lose all those nerves and understand that she’s just a normal, nice person.”

This survival flick packs not just a punch, but plenty of heart.

Angelina Jolie: “To be of service to someone else is often what does pull us through. And it’s why we’re alive. And she remembers that.”

And extreme weather events aside, you might also call South Florida humidity a natural disaster! But Angie tells us this climate is her favorite.

Angelina Jolie: “I like when you open the door and you just get hit in the face with the heat. That’s me.”

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