Interview with the cast of ‘Popstar’

Most stars have an entourage of at least 10 people when they’re out and about. But, that’s nothing compared to Andy Samberg’s character in "Popstar." He spent the day in Miami talking to Deco’s chief celebrity hanger-on, Chris Van Vliet.

It’s called "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping," and it’s the greatest documentary about a popstar that never existed. Not only did I chat with Andy Samberg today… we sang too.

His name is Conner 4real and he’s a popstar! This is a documentary… or a "popumentary," if you will, about a fictional and completely over the top musician.

Andy Samberg: "We wanted to create a character that is sort of an amalgam of all of the pop stars forever, and sort of smush them into one dude, and then make that dude like a comedic version of that, so he’s actually a dumb person and crazy in a lot of ways.

Chris Van Vliet: "Is it true that the more people you have in your entourage, the more famous you are? Connor has 32."

Andy Samberg: "In our experience, that has not always been the case. Timberlake for example shows up by himself. He’s just like us, in that he shows up by himself. In every other way, he’s not. He’s super talented."

This movie is the brainchild of Andy Samberg’s music group The Lonely Island. You’ve seen their hilarious videos on SNL. Like that one with Justin Timberlake and the umm, body part in a box, or "I’m on a Boat" with rapper T-Pain.

That music video was shot here in Miami.

Jorma Taccone: "Right out there, right outside that window."

Andy Samberg: "We stayed here."

Chris Van Vliet: "You did?"

Andy Samberg: "That’s where all the videos that inspired that video were shot." 

Jorma Taccone: That’s where they keep all the 130 foot yachts."

Chris Van Vliet: "Do you think that in the theme of the movie, I could sing you a question and you guys could sing me a response?"

Andy Samberg: "Sure, as long as you’re singing too."

Chris Van Vliet: "Absolutely. Can you guys maybe help me out and drop a beat?"

All: (Singing beats)

Chris Van Vliet: "What does it take to be a popstar?"

Akiva Schaffer: "You have to be really stupid."

Andy Samberg: "For the record, I don’t stand by that answer."

Jorma Taccone: "No, me neither!"

"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping" is in theaters on June 3, but our original song there, will be available on iTunes beginning tomorrow.