HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife to R&B singer R Kelly, was the featured guest at the Shaken But Not Broken event on Wednesday.

The event, hosted by COX media group, was aimed to bring awareness to domestic violence and human trafficking.

“I have a tattoo right here that says fearless that I got to remind myself that my journey is not my journey. I’m very clear about that. I made it out for somebody else to get out,” said the domestic violence survivor.

Kelly was a 22-year-old backup dancer to singer/songwriter R Kelly when they got married.

They had three children together before she filed for divorce in 2006 when she said he assaulted her.

“One day I had a wake up call, and I’m so happy to see the youth in the room because it was actually my daughter who gave me the strength and the power to leave,” said Kelly. “A lot of people think it’s going to get better and then I’m going to save up money and I’m going to get a job. No sweetheart. Leave with what you have on your back, fear in your pocket and running feet because you may not ever see that day. When I left, I left …, mansions, drivers and nannies. If I can leave that, you can leave Darnell with a bus pass.”

The event comes after the docuseries “Surviving R Kelly” was released, leading to new investigations into sexual and physical abuse allegations against the singer.

99 Jamz and Hot 105 aired the forum live on the radio Wednesday.

Director of Operations for COX Media, Jill Strada, said, “It’s so important that we just actually stop the music and have this conversation over our airways. We’re hoping to really just touch the listening audience, let them know we understand, we’re here, we understand what could be happening to you and there are outlets.”

Kelly aimed to give hope and courage to those listening to her story.

“I left everything. Baby pictures, awards, clothes, it meant nothing to me, because at the end of the day it was my children and my life. That is priceless,” said the survivor.

To listen to Kelly’s full speech click here.

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