Women have it so hard!

Guys will never understand.

Amen, sister.

And in a new drama, Amanda Seyfried plays an author who’s already struggling with mental health issues before she faces a new, unbearable challenge.

We have to talk more about mental health more, especially after this last year and a half.

In “A Mouthful of Air,” Amanda’s character is trying to deal with a childhood trauma, before she starts to suffer from postpartum depression.


“Amanda Seyfried (as Julie Davis): “I was walking through a world that was black and white.”

Now more than ever, many of us have gotten to know it.

Amanda (as Julie): “The stars are blocked by the clouds.”

And in the new drama “A Mouthful of Air,” Amanda Seyfried stars as a best-selling author of children’s books about unlocking fears, but she hasn’t dealt with her own dark secret from the past.

Finn Wittrock (as Ethan Davis): “It’s OK. It’s OK.”

And after giving birth, that pain comes rushing back.

Amanda: “Julie is someone who’s dealt with trauma, and like any new mother feels like she has to kind of put that aside or overcome it.”

And for Julie, it becomes a battle to survive, when her existing mental health issues…

Alex Miranda (Deco Drive): “You want desperately to get out, and you feel like the world is really judging you from where your normal behavior would be at, but you’re not there.”

Amanda: “The world is closing in, and I have so much compassion for her, and I feel so connected to her.”

…are compounded by postpartum depression.

Amanda: “She’s caught in such a weird place where she wants to take care of herself, but she wants to take care of her baby.”

According to the American Psychiatric Association, up to one in seven women experience postpartum, which is emotionally and physically debilitating.

Amanda: “It’s stigmatized still in 2021 … It’s something that needs to be discussed further and further until we get support.”

Finn Wittrock plays Julie’s husband.

Finn: “He’s so in love with her but like can’t help, and that’s so frustrating.”

And if you’ve ever loved somebody with depression, you’ll probably relate to Ethan.

Finn: “She’s trying to unravel the mystery that is her, and can at times, and at other times she’s kind of lost at sea, and he’s incapable of being able to reach her.”

Amanda welcomed her second child with husband Thomas Sadoski last year.

Amanda: “I didn’t suffer from postpartum depression. I was very terrified of experiencing it.”

But she’s been open about using antidepressants for anxiety and has this message:

Amanda: “You’ve got to try to get support. People try to do it on their own. It’s just not what you need. You need help.”

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