Almost Famous: T.J. Wright plays character in new Netflix sci-fi super hero series, ‘Raising Dion’

Miami is full of talented people. I mean, come on, look at Lynn, but there’s someone new on the scene, and as usual, it’s someone who’s talented and young. Here’s tonight’s Almost Famous.

Gavin Munn (as Jonathan): “That’s the fifth time you fell. Oh, my God.”

“Raising Dion” is a new sci-fi super hero series on Netflix.

Based on a comic book, the story is about a single mom and her son, Dion, who’s just trying to fit in.

T.J. Wright, actor: “I play Chris, the bully of the main character — Dion. He really just doesn’t want Dion to be around, but it’s more of a thing that Dion wants to be around him.”

Say hello to your neighbor, T.J. Wright.

T.J. Wright: “I love acting and drawing and writing and doing anything that uses my creativity and shows who I am as a person.”

T.J. is a rising star from right here in SoFlo.

T.J. Wright: “I was born in Chicago, but Miami is my home, and I’ve been here my whole life. I just love the weather and all the stuff to do here.”

This 11-year-old has been making a name for himself for practically his entire life.

T.J. Wright: “I started off modeling when I was 2, and I wanted to do a commercial, and I did my first commercial, and from there, I loved it.”

Child in KFC commercial: “That bucket has super powers.”

T.J. Wright (in KFC commercial): “Powers?”

Child in KFC commercial: “It makes people suddenly appear.”

T.J. Wright (in KFC commercial): “Really?”

You may have seen T.J. in commercials for KFC, Michaels and K-12.

He written and directed a short film called “Separate Friends,” but he got a big break in the film, “The Hate You Give.”

T.J. Wright: “I play Sekani Carter, the little brother of the main character. It was amazing working on that film.”

Now he’s taking Netflix by storm.

“Raising Dion” stars and is produced by one of T.J.’s favs.

T.J. Wright: “This is associated with Michael B. Jordan, which is amazing because he did one of my favorite movies, “Black Panther.” For me to be a part of something that he is, that is just mind blowing.

So what’s next for this up and coming actor?

T.J. Wright: “I would love to work with Will Smith. This has been a long, long dream that I’ve had for a long time. I want to continue doing acting, but I also want to get on the other side of the camera, which is directing or writing or filming.”

“Raising Dion” is streaming on Netflix now.

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