No disrespect to tomato sauce, but pink vodka sauce is prettier and uh, hello, it has vodka in it! Now, a new pop-up is dedicated to the popular alternative. Awesome sauce Alex Miranda is live in Wynwood with the story.

You’ll be tickled pink at this intimate Wynwood pop-up!

Chef Nicole Votano: “I wanted to do this pop-up to showcase our new brand, Alla Vodka Shop, which focuses on vodka sauce put on classic Italian dishes.”

Chef Nicole Votano is cooking up a three course Italian feast for only three nights this week, and the meal is all about thinking pink.

Nicole Votano: “We really wanted to have a place for people to come and enjoy it and experience our pink sauce party.”

Before we dig in, we’ve gotta be sure. What is this pink vodka sauce, of which you speak?

Nicole Votano: “The flavor profile is a little bit tangy. It’s a little more balanced and round tasting, so you really taste the other things, as opposed to when you have a classic tomato sauce, and it’s really in-your-face and bright.”

Got it. Gotta have it. The meal is $175 for a table of four people.

For starters…

Nicole Votano: “We’re serving my grandmother’s meatballs with vodka sauce and whipped ricotta on it.”

Entrees include rigatoni with — you betcha — vodka sauce. Or…

Nicole Votano: “We have chicken parm and eggplant parm done in a classic style, but instead of tomato sauce, we’re using our house vodka sauce.”

Megan Smulowitz, diner: “I love this dish.The sauce itself makes the dish completely. It’s light. It’s fresh. It’s not too much It’s not too overpowering.”

Meanwhile, Chef Nicole’s got cannolis and tiramisu for dessert — vodka sauce optional for those, you weirdos — and as for the bubbly…

Nicole Votano: “It’ll be flowing plentifully.”

Perfect because you can be “feelin saucy” by the end of the evening.

Check out how cool this little area is! COVID-friendly, too.

Nicole Votano: “This space was originally a parking lot, but we turned it into this really bright pink, beautiful area with vegetation and these amazing wooden tables really to represent our brand and be an Instagrammable moment for people.”

Alla Vodka Shop does do delivery, but this pop-up is three nights only — Thursday through Saturday, so limited tickets are available.


Alla Vodka Shop pop-up

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