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I have to be honest, a part of me used to hate the holidays. I loved the idea of it, but for whatever reason, the pressure of it all really got to me. The crazy traffic, the never-ending list of gifts and holiday parties, my hectic television schedule and the fact that ALL of my family lives so far away.

For years, I battled severe depression during a time most people relished. What’s more, I was in a relationship I felt alone in. My partner preferred celebrating with his family, leaving me alone to work and feel worse than I already did. Thank god for my mother, who from across the country sent care packages stuffed with the creature comforts of Santa Fe, New Mexico (my hometown)..

Wedding cookies with chunks of homegrown pistachios, an assortment of nuts soaked in green chile, buttery piñon coffee and yummy chocolates laced with spicy red chili. It was my absolute lifeline to feeling loved. I would put the box under the tree; opening one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. It became our annual tradition.

Through the years, my mother had to master loving me from a distance, simply because she had no choice. She gave me big dreams and let me go, so, that I could live them. In television, one must be transient in order to succeed. You have to be willing to go anywhere, work any given day at any god-forsaken hour to make it. It’s just part of the business. Even if she didn’t understand, she played along and always encouraged me.  

Despite the many presents my mom sent me over the last decade, though, they would not be the true gifts she imparted on me and like most things in life, it would take growing into a woman to realize her generosity. It happened slowly, but when it did…

Instead of bemoaning my loneliness, I started an annual holiday work party and my fellow employees became my extended family. I made a mature decision to leave a relationship that didn’t make me happy and found someone who relishes, cares and loves me (he even likes celebrating the holidays with me.) Last but not least, instead of seeing the crazy world of television as difficult and challenging, I accepted its idiosyncrasies, embracing the roller-coaster schedules, deadlines and demands.

Strangely, going with the flow made my life so much easier and less stressful. All of those aforementioned events/actions were somehow or in someway inspired or supported by my mother. Although she never placed tenacity, strength and grit into a box and put it under a tree, they were the true gifts that she gave me. In fact, they’re the kind of gifts that keep on giving.

Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t always perfect and the holiday’s can still stress me out, but in the grand scheme of things, the depression that used to seep into my life during the holiday season, eventually dissipated.

Perhaps, it’s just maturity or as Tony Bennett says: "Life teaches you how to live it, if you’re around long enough to let it." With that being said, during this time of year most of us just want to feel loved or be loved; better yet, give love. It’s also about feeling special. Whether that’s festively fixing up your house or your wardrobe, Kore Boutique in Miami, always makes me feel and look like the brightest fashionista in the room, especially during "the most wonderful time of the year."

Whether it’s one of my favorite puffy skirts, a yummy candle (they have an amazing one this year perfect for a stocking stuffer,) or a glittery dress for a holiday party, "Kore" has you covered and even Santa can’t compete with that (okay, maybe he can a little.) Happy Holidays!  ??????

Lucky for the busy Miami  shopper, "Kore" actually has a handful of locations. So, wherever you find yourself in the city, you’ll be able to do some #HardKore retail therapy. Along with the aforementioned address, there’s also 15516 Biscayne Boulevard and 99 Harbour Drive on Key Biscayne. A MIMO location is coming soon.

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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." – Helen Keller

A special thank you to our friends at Santa’s Enchanted Forest – especially Buddy – for giving us a fabulous backdrop to shoot the blog!

Photographer: James Woodley
Stylist: Alexis Nicole, On-Site Stylist: Jackie Kay
MUA: Tabitha Rey & Hair: Jess Stuver of
All clothing & accessories provided by Kore Boutique