Wanna feel inspired, protected and adorned? Deco found a SoFlo designer whose jewelry is all about that and more. It’s called Musa, and it’s so hot, celebs keep coming back for more.

These beautiful jewelry pieces are from Musa by Miami designer Bobbie van der Vlugt.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “Musa is the Spanish word for ‘muse,’ so it means the inspiration.”

Bobbie’s inspiration comes from her world travels as a former fashion stylist.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “Besides the pieces being beautiful, there’s a spiritual and metaphysical aspect to my work. The stones also have a vibrational energy.”

And it’s all about good vibes, like how you’ll feel in these looks from her “Love and Light” collection.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “The Love and Light are particularly white and clear beads. I use a lot of conch from Tibet. It represents love and light.”

Beyoncé rocked it recently. Lenny Kravitz and Uma Thurman, too.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “She’s actually one of my biggest collectors. She’s also a very spiritual person, so she really believes in the energy of the stones.”

It’s kinda like “Romancing the Stone,” with the stones doing the wooing.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “It’s almost like the piece chooses you, rather than you choose the piece, and some people, like, instantly know what they’re attracted to.”

Queen Bee was attracted to Musa’s Venus look at a critical point in time.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “When she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, you know, we gave her some blue bracelets, so I often wonder if she named Blue Ivy after the blue bracelets. I’m not sure.”

Could be. Venus is all about goddess energy, while other looks are more tribal and empowering.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “There’s a lot of red in that collection, which is like, love and passion, the color of power and energy.”

And check out the men’s looks, with sexy lava stones and beads to ward off evil.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “My men are actually more superstitious than my women. They love the lava because it’s very balancing and healing and grounding, so they feel good about lava. And the men — they don’t take them off.”

No need to. They’re waterproof, but be warned — others could be attracted to your beads, too. That’s what happened to Lenny Kravitz.

Bobbie van der Vlugt: “He had his bracelets stolen while crowd-surfing, so I immediately replaced those. And then they were stolen a second time.”


Musa by Bobbie van der Vlugt
3806 Solana Rd.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 301-7675
To order a custom piece, send an e-mail to bobbie@musajewelry.com

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